“I love you too, stupid,” Baekhyun says, against Chanyeol’s lips, and Chanyeol laughs, and Baekhyun just knows one of his eyes is twitching, and the worst part is, it just makes him want to kiss Chanyeol again. “Even if you made me suffer.”
“Well, I’m just the brawn, remember?” Chanyeol replies, leaning forward and resting his head against Baekhyun’s for a moment, before he pecks his lips twice, two times. “You’re the brains. The world-famous Dr. Byun.”
Baekhyun closes his eyes, and Chanyeol drops kisses on his eyelids, gentle and wonderful and better than a perfectly balanced equation, and better than the applause of all those people when Baekhyun unveiled his discovery. ©

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79 of ?? reasons why you can’t have a bias list w/EXO: ZHANG FREAKING YIXING.


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9/32 of my TLP fancams ϟ tell me what is love~

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